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    not fair

    stevie ray vaughan killing it. 

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    Mary Oliver, “In Blackwater Woods”

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  5. sad posts

    sad days

    bad days

    mad days

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    The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco / open to pedestrian traffic only, during its opening in May 1937 (top) and on its 50th anniversary in May 1987 (bottom).

    In 1987, the weight of the 300,000 people that crossed the bridge caused it to sag by 5 feet.

    My dad and I were watching it live on TV and he had to assure me that the bridge wouldn’t break or collapse. 

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    The views rewarded with a decent climb.

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    Robert Doisneau. Baiser Passage Versailles, 1950

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    Frederick Judd Waugh (American, 1961-1940), The Ocean, 1929.

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